PRODUCTIONS AS, Inc. was founded in 2009 in Mexico by Cuban singer and visual artist Alejandro Salvia. Our company focuses on entertainment and provides a full range of services including concerts, art exhibitions, corporate events, private events/parties, event planning, consulting, design, logistics, venue scout, etc. 


We represent musicians, visual artists and chefs who exhibit with their artistic expressions their wide and rich cultural heritage.


Our mission is to create an outstanding and unforgettable experience of each event we produce.




An interactive show that evokes emotions and memories through a multisensory culinary experience. Guests take part in the performance connecting with the actors, dancers and visual artists thought the engagement of all five senses, experiencing together, at the same time, the flavors of dishes that represent the main roles in the storytelling.

Alejandro Salvia Studio Gallery, El Portal, Miami

"Raices" Concert

 Steinway Piano Gallery, Miami  5 PM

Featuring tenor Alejandro Salvia, pianist Zayli Escalona and percussionist Jessica Clemente

"Roots" Concert

Saint's Peter Church, NY  at 7PM    

Featuring tenor Alejandro Salvia and pianist/composer Patricio Molina

 "Roots" Concert

 Newark School of the Arts, NJ   at 5 PM   

Featuring tenor Alejandro Salvia and pianist/composer Patricio Molina

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     Josu Okiñena 


Josu Okiñena, a pianist, teacher and researcher, has devoted himself to the recovery and dissemination of the Basque cultural heritage and Basque language over the past twenty years. His research on archives and sources has produced fascinating outcomes; recuperation for the general public of the masterpieces of Aita Donostia, Pascual Aldave, Tomás Garbizu and Felix Lavilla stands out among them.

Okiñena wishes to present the Basque music and culture outside the Basque Country and, at the same time, aims to raise awareness and interest of our culture and language. In this way, Okiñena would spread the knowledge of our language and culture throughout the world, to securing a place of  Euskal Herria on the world cultural map. 

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